Deine Lakaien
Deine Lakaien - New Single “Nightfall

Deine Lakaien - New Single “Nightfall
When Deine Lakaien thought about producing a concept album containing cover songs favoured by the band on the one hand and their own compositions on the other, no one could have foreseen that such a multi-layered and extensive double album with the appropriate title “Dual” and a total of twenty tracks would emerge from this unusual basic idea.

The album, which was released in various editions, some of them extremely elaborate and lovingly designed, represents the great magnum opus of Deine Lakaien after more than 35 years of band history, which also already advanced to one of the most successful albums in the band’s history with a top 10 placement in the Media Control charts.

But that’s not all: just over half a year later, “Dual +” is already a full-fledged follow-up album that no longer follows the basic idea of juxtaposing cover versions and Deine Lakaien songs quite so stringently, but instead presents itself in a more compact form that is more multi-layered and experimental.

Already the first single of the new album breaks with the for “Dual” still consistently enforced beat of the cover track and the corresponding original composition. With “Nightfall” Ernst Horn and Alexander Veljanov have created a typical Deine-Lakaien song in every respect. It is initially characterized by a repetitive as well as hypnotic, exotic-artificial beat, which is given the melancholic touch so characteristic of the likeable duo by Alexander’s usual ingratiating, gripping vocals, and in which Ernst, with all his pronounced sense for electronic gimmicks, repeatedly provides for interesting digressions.

Just as on the “Dual” album “Because Of Because” referenced the Bruce Springsteen/Patti Smith classic “Because The Night”, “Run” referenced the early The Cure hit “The Walk” and “Unknown Friend” referenced the Kansas tune “Dust In The Wind,” “Nightfall” is also directly related to a foreign composition that in this case is particularly close to Ernst Horn’s heart, Pink Floyd’s “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun,” which directly follows “Nightfall” on “Dual +.”

“At the time, we also considered having the respective songs and cover songs follow each other. At that point, the idea wasn’t through that we would do one album with just cover songs and one with just our own songs,” Ernst explains of the exciting transition between “Nightfall” and the Pink Floyd track. “With ‘Nightfall,’ it was clear that musically it relates to ‘Set The Controls,’ Unlike the Pink Floyd piece, however, ‘Nightfall’ represents a departure into the night, a journey to the stars, into infinite space, symbolic of our longings for home far away.”

“Nightfall”, as the first single from the upcoming album “Dual +”, impressively demonstrates that Deine Lakaien will continue their equally daring and formidable “Dual” project at the usual high quality level and with a very unique touch. Alexander and Ernst take their loyal audience on a very special night walk, which will still have many surprises in store.

Dirk Hoffmann (translated)

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