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“XXX.-The 30 Years Retrospective”

  21.10.2016 / Deine Lakaien /  

DEINE LAKAIEN <br>“XXX.-The 30 Years Retrospective”
Deine Lakaien always found their own way in the past 30 years, aside from the usual paths in music business, and have given “best-of” compilations a wide berth until today. Nevertheless, a kind of “best-of” edition is now released with “XXX – The 30 Years Retrospective”. But this only seems to be a contradiction, because also with this release, Deine Lakaien interpret popular notions in their own way.

DEINE LAKAIEN - “Crystal Palace”
  07.08.2014 / Deine Lakaien /  

DEINE LAKAIEN - “Crystal Palace”
“Welcome to Crystal Palace”, Alexander sings inviting “all of you dreamers”. If you accept that invitation, you will indeed feel as if sharing dreams with Alexander and Ernst. “Crystal Palace” is of an intense intimacy never reached on a “Deine Lakaien” album before

- Searching for a direction

  22.02.2013 / Helium Vola /  

HELIUM VOLA “Wohin?” <br>- Searching for a direction
Finally it has happened: The new Helium Vola Album, which Ernst Horn announced more than a year ago, has been released. This delay is due to the fact that our beloved composer cannot work without a concept not matter how hard he tries. Thus, the album is not called “Quodlibet” (Lat. “as you like”) anymore but “Wohin?” (“Where to?”). And it truly is kind of a situation of life analysis with a question mark remaining at the end.

“Für Euch, die Ihr Liebt”

  22.04.2009 / Helium Vola /  

HELIUM VOLA<br>“Für Euch, die Ihr Liebt”
There it is, finally, the new Helium Vola Album “Für Euch, die Ihr liebt”, which we have awaited so impatiently. And here I wrote down my first impressions. Before I start to go into the individual songs, let me summarize by saying it is “WOW”, this album is just marvellous.

Exclusive Interview with Ernst Horn about HELIUM VOLA
  22.05.2001 / Helium Vola /  

Exclusive Interview with Ernst Horn about HELIUM VOLA

Ernst Horn returns: “HELIUM VOLA” is a brand new studio project that he has been working on secretly for a long time. Now it is time to unravel some of the secrets surrounding HELIUM VOLA, and so Ernst has kindly agreed to give the first detailed interview exclusively for the members of Color-Ize.

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  01.01.1980 / Deine Lakaien /  

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