Deine Lakaien
Deine Lakaien - “Dual” unboxing

Deine Lakaien - “Dual” unboxing
Finally, the time has come! The new double album “Dual” by Deine Lakaien is here.
Boxset unboxing - Once everything… and beautiful…. My 5 Cents on this :-)

That’s when the Cowboys sent out the express mail coach, already on 15.04.2021 my ordered box set was delivered.

There are really a lot of nice things in it:
Double vinyl
Double no! Triple CD
DVD “The Concert From An Empty Hall
7” single “Because of Because 2nd Version” (plus bonus!)
Art print and postcards
A signed certificate
And of course the matching T-Shirt :-)

Hm, everything seems to be well stowed away… Let’s open it further….

Wow, madness! Easter and Christmas together ;-)
But where are the CDs hidden?

In the biggest and most beautiful CD case I have ever owned. Please turn to the last page ;-)
And which disc will be the first to go into the player? Never mind, I’m curious about everyone and everything! I’ll just start with the “1”.
Sorry, dear neighbourhood, you have all suffered now! (hee hee)

I enjoy and flip through the various printed inserts. Really beautiful artwork. Each picture a work of art.

At the moment, unfortunately, I can’t decide which I like better: the covers or the original compositions. So far both phenomenal with goosebumps :-)

Dear Lakaien, thank you very much for the unique double album. I think it is great.

I wish everyone a lot of fun and joy with it and I am curious about your reactions and opinions!
Have a look at our forum, there are already the first opinions on the way:

Dual | »Deine Lakaien« Music Forum (

In this sense: have a great time with “Dual”.

Best regards,

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